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Providing Pest Control Services in Jacksonville Florida for over 25 years.


Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans, usually while they sleep at night. Bed bugs are the fastest growing, hard-to-eradicate infestation problems in the Jacksonville Florida. They’re also the number one pest problem in the United States, making them a nationwide epidemic.

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Termite Treatment

More homes are damaged each year by termites than by fires, storms and hurricanes combined. Even worse – most homeowner policies don’t cover termite damage. The highly destructive Formosan termites recently made news in Jacksonville as they forced the demolition of the Women’s club of Jacksonville.

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Flea Treatment

Fleas are a huge problem in Jacksonville Florida, and once they’re in your home, they’re really hard to get out. Bug Evictors specialized Flea Treatment kills fleas, their larvae and hatching eggs in carpets, rooms and furnishings.

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Indoor Pest Control

Our Indoor Pest Control services starts on the outside perimeter of your home or business, all points of entry, inside nesting sites and other areas where bugs hide.

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Outdoor Pest Control

Our outdoor pest professionals know what Jacksonville area lawns need to stay pest free, while protecting your lawn, garden, and the safety of your children and pets.

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Rodent Control

If you suspect you’ve got rats, mice or rodents of any kind, Bug Evictors will inspect your home or office to determine the best course of action, then treat the problem quickly and effectively. We’ll also help you rodent-proof your property, so the critters aren’t invited back. 

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Read the article from First Coast News, Jacksonville about the destructive Formosan Termite. Here.


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