Glenn Shockey

I have been with this company for 19 years. Dave takes care of my termite control, my in-house bug control and my fertilization and weed control of my yard. He has responded to all my requests and phone calls. I can’t see myself ever switching to a different company.

Google User 2

I am always impressed with the professionalism and positive attitude from this company. Would certainly use for all my future jacksonville pest control and termite treatment needs.

Google User 1

I had a great experience with the folks at bug evictors. They were very professional, did a great job and they really seem to be on top of things. They were also showing me this new thing that they use to find termites – it looks right into the walls,… Read More

Jeremy Addison

Man I’m so glad I called these guys for my pest control problems. Yes problems pluralized. I am in the navy and moved off base for the first time. The previous owns had multiple infestations that I could not see until I was settled in. Termites were the worst at… Read More

Jose Kramer

My Bed Bug problem was so terrible and It came out of no where I thought. Through investigation we found out that it came from some furniture I had rented. I am so grateful to finally get some much needed sleep again. Thank you Bug Evictors

Andrew Warren

I had bed bugs aboiut 3 years ago. The problem came and went with treatment but I never knew how I got them. REcently they came back and I have moved to a new city which is jacksonville florida and obviously a new home so I dont believe they came… Read More

David Cromwells

I got Bed Bugs from a hotel and called around to get the best and soonest pest control guy out to my home. They had spreedall over the place fast. So these guys came out and did the heat treatment from and I have had no problems since.

margaret zimmerman

I was working in yard and noticed thousands of flying bugs coming from inside my house. So I look up Bug Evictors they came right out to my surprise it was TERMITES!!!! No problem David took care of them the following day. Was very pleased with his work and how informative he was. He… Read More

Tito Albaniel

I had some major termite problems and bug evictors removed them and setup and monitering system so i can sleep at night.

Joe Webster

Termites and Bed Bug control is a biggr problem in Jacksonville than people realize. I am a landlord in the area with more than 20 homes for rent and bugs are a far worse problem than people realize. I use these guys to make sre I don’t have a future… Read More